Project Description

The Visual Studio Online App for Zendesk allows users to integrate Visual Studio Online with Zendesk.

To learn more about integrating Visual Studio Online with this and other third party services visit

To learn more about Zendesk Apps visit


Follow the instructions below to integrate Visual Studio Online with Zendesk.

Configure Zendesk

  1. Download the latest .zip release from this CodePlex project.
  2. Sign up for a Zendesk account here:
  3. Once signed in, click the settings icon (gear) in the bottom left hand portion of the screen.
  4. Under Apps click Manage.
  5. Click Upload App.
  6. Give the app a name.
  7. Browse to the location you saved the .zip release and select it.
  8. Provide your Visual Studio account name and decide on a work item tag for Zendesk.

Setup a Service Hook for Zendesk in Visual Studio Online

You can now configure service hooks to work with Zendesk from Visual Studio Online. To do so follow the instructions below:
  1. Open the admin page for the team project in Visual Studio Online.
  2. On the Service Hooks tab, run the subscription wizard.
  3. Select Zendesk from the subscription wizard.
  4. Pick and configure the Visual Studio Online event which will post to Zendesk.
  5. Tell Zendesk what to do when the event occurs.
  6. Test the service hook subscription and finish the wizard.

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